About Eye Am Elena

I’m a 1998 baby, born in Russia. When my family moved to Canada it was a whole different world. We struggled for a while but when we finally got on our feet life was good. I always dreamed of being a Lawyer and I’ve been told I’d be good at it because I don’t like to back down from an argument. I put that dream on pause after discovering the optical world!

I started out in the optical industry by fluke in 2017. It started out being “just another job” until I could finish my degree and was ready to get my lifelong desk job. Turns out I really freaking like the optical industry. It drew me in so hard and now I can’t really see myself doing anything else in the near future but this!

My day to day life involves helping children and adults pick out the perfect pair of glasses based on their needs, then I might head to the gym or go for a nice walk with my four year old German Pinscher. When I’m not at work or at home you can find me in class at Douglas College in Coquitlam, studying to complete my second and final year of the Opticianry Diploma.

Turns out it’s not ONLY selling frames to people who need glasses; although it is the main concept of being a dispensing optician, there is just so much more that goes into it I can’t even explain it all in writing. You’re going to have to stay tuned and read all the exciting experiences that come with being a part of this industry and hopefully get to know me a bit more as well.

Don’t like glasses? I might just make you change your mind.