My Spring 2019 Outfit Methods: Utilize the Most out of your Wardrobe!

My leading style tip for this Spring of 2019 will be LAYERS.

Living in Vancouver has it’s ups and downs; the breathtaking views and the appalling cost of living are some very familiar facts to any Vancouverite. Another well known fact: The bi-polar weather.

Throughout my 14 years of living here I have only recently gotten into the habit of layering my outfits. I am either too cold in the morning on my way to work, or I’m too hot near the end of the day if I don’t prepare accordingly. So let me share some of my tips for looking fashionable yet comfortable for this years Spring days!

Cover photo: Blazer from Dynamite, Sparkle top from Garage, High-waisted pants from Forever21, Shoes from Nine-West, Glasses by Andy Wolf with Transitions lenses in Emerald

This first outfit is terrific for a cocktail party… day or night. Wear the blazer if it gets a little chilly outside, keep it off and you’ll still have a complete outfit with the sparkle detailed top.
The peep-toe block heels are the way to go if you are spending more time standing up. They are also more geared towards spring time because even though they are black, due to the open detailing around the ankles and in the front they express a more edgy yet light look.

Blazer was thrifted, Tank top from Dynamite, Pants from H&M, Shoes from Le Chateau, Necklace from Reitmans, Glasses Made by Etnia Barcelona with Transitions Lenses in Sapphire

This outfit above has got to be my most favorite combination for this Spring of 2019 yet. Not because of the color combination or the patterns, but because of its convenience in different weather types and the ability to customize however makes you satisfied.

Jacket from Dynamite, Purse from Michael Kors

I started out this day wearing a double-breasted coat with a belt tie. It conserved my body temperature in the morning when I was just starting my day and the city had not yet warmed.
Although the coat was a little more weighted, my pointy pumps softened the overall look.

As the day got warmer I was able to lose the heavier jacket and reveal a blue blazer (which matched my Sapphire Transitions Lenses) with stripes on the inside which happened to be coordinating with my striped white pants! (totally not planned…) The blazer can be worn two ways: 1) As a traditional blazer should be worn 2) Hung around both shoulders to give a cape-like effect.

Watch by Movado

The main reason I chose striped pants rather than plain white pants is because without the blazer this is a whole other look on its own due to the slight differences between the tank-top and pants.
Accessorize your look with a simple necklace, a watch and some amazing glasses!

Purse by Kate Spade

Even subtly matching your accessories can make a big difference in your overall look and help it look more clean and put together.

Faux leather jacket from Dynamite, Blouse top from Shein, Jeans from Forever21, Shoes from nine-west
Glasses by Andy Wolf with Transitions Lenses in Emerald, Necklace from Aldo

Here are a few more examples above of more casual outfits that are perfect for spring considering the comprisal of the light pink from the blouse and necklace with the earthy tones of the frame. Also showing how pairing this outfit with a leather jacket can be of use for a more cooler time of day during Spring.

Casual Spring time outfit using layers to add depth and maybe even warmth throughout the day. The use of the subtle accessories and pink tones brings a more feminine vibe to this look.
Matching colors creates a more clean and collected finish to this look. Still casual with the ripped jeans but a little more dressed up with the netted block heels.

Don’t forget your accessories 😉

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