Transitions Academy 2019 Best and Worst moments

Attending Transitions Academy as a first time student brand ambassador was such an incredible experience and I want to share it here with all of you who are curious about what it is. Here are some of the highlights and lowlights from the three days I was there.


This is strictly based on my opinion and my opinion only. I hold no judgment to anyone else who disagrees or thinks I’m wrong in any of these categories below. I accept everyone’s opinion as they have a right to have one of their own.

Best: The hotel

The JW Marriot Hotel in Orlando was beautiful! Took me right back to when I went to Mexico a few months ago. There were palm trees literally everywhere and the weather was definitely meant for skin revealing outfits. All the staff were incredibly friendly and always willing to show me directions because God knows I needed them in this giant place.

Tip: Tipping goes a long way. We always leave a dollar or two everyday for housekeeping as well as something for the bellhop.

Best: Keynote speakers

There were many amazing keynote speakers but one stood out to me the most. Mel Robbins. Her presentation was powerful yet so incredibly simple and I think that was the key to her success. Because the more simple the idea the easier it is to retain it in your memories and that’s exactly what happened with me. All I can think of is 5,4,3,2,1… and for those who don’t understand what that means, basically it’s a rule that whenever you are faced with a situation where you feel the need to procrastinate, you simply count backwards 5,4,3,2,1 and BOOM your brain tricks itself to do the task at hand instead of putting it off for a later time. Pretty cool right?


I never thought it would take me 19 hours to get from Vancouver to Orlando… and yet it did.

My flight VANCOUVER-> CALGARY -> ORLANDO was cancelled and all they had to offer me was a flight in the evening that same day (note: I had been at the airport at 4am and my flight was supposed to leave at 6am and now they wanted to change my flight to 8pm). So anyway, my amazing boss ended up booking with another airline and it went VANCOUVER -> CHICAGO-> TAMPA. Thank God I was with a co-worker because we had to drive from TAMPA-> ORLANDO at 1:00 am. Got to the hotel around 2:30am and missed breakfast on day one… oh well what can you do.

If you’re thinking “okay that’s not bad it only happened once why is WestJet the worst?” Here’s why:

My boyfriend got stuck in Toronto on his way to Orlando the next day AND we almost missed our flight back to Vancouver because Westjet kept pushing the flight later and then earlier again. I didn’t even know they could delay something and then expect people to just be sitting at the airport waiting after they’ve delayed it?!

My phone time says 5:51am….

Best: My incredible boss won best in marketing!

The whole reason I was able to attend Transitions Academy is because my mentor/boss made it all possible. She is so passionate about what she does and it definitely rubbed off on me. I was SO ecstatic when her name was called for the award I nearly lost my voice from screaming. This was definitely one of the top rewarding parts of attending Academy.

Go check her out! on insta and blog site.

Worst: The venue for the awards show

Although the content of the awards show was amazing and I am happy for everyone who won and was nominated, the venue where we celebrated was not what I had expected .

It was a little bit disappointing walking into a club instead of a more classy setting. I can’t say most people didn’t have fun there but for a first time Academy attendee, my hopes of getting to network with those who I hadn’t had a chance with yet were crushed due to the seating plans which made it hard to navigate through tight crowds and the extremely loud music.

Best: Meeting new people

Possibly the most rewarding part of this whole experience was getting to know new people who are in the same industry as I am and who share the same interests for eye health and EyeStyle. I hope to be able to continue growing my relationships with those who I did connect with and maybe even create new ones along the way.

Here are some memorable people that I have met during Transitions Academy:

Fellow Student Brand Ambassadors:






A few more, even though I could list about another 50.




My top 10 Travel Essentials

  1. Transitions Lenses

I can’t go anywhere without my Transitions lenses!

Here I have two Andy Wolf Frames, one with the new Amethyst Style Color (top), and the other has the XtrActive lenses in Graphite Green.

2. Sunglasses

Of course Transitions lenses are amazing but they can’t replace a great polarized sunglass!

These are Alexander McQueen frames with Brown Polarized lenses.

3. Hat

Depending on where I’m going I will either bring a big brim hat like this one for more tropical vacations, or something like a dad hat for more casual trips.

4. Apple Watch

I have 2nd gen but 3rd and 4th offers cellular so you don’t have to have your phone on you at all times.

5. Lashify

For those who don’t know what this is… it is an at home lash extension kit and I am absolutely in love with it! Check out their insta for more info @lashify

6. iPhone Stabilizer

Highly recommend if you want to take some cool videos during your trip!

7. Small backpack instead of a purse

8. Eyebrow essentials

I can go a day without any makeup but if my eyebrows aren’t done I feel incomplete.

9. Straightener and curling wand

Again, makeup is not my main priority when I’m away. If my hair is done I’m content.

10. Dry shampoo

This is a LIFESAVER if your hair goes flat due to level of humidity where you are traveling. I like to use this brand right after I blow dry and then I use Bastiste brand dry shampoo in between washes.

“Take it and run”

I was introduced to the optical industry in 2017; without any prior knowledge of this side of eye care business I fell in love after a few weeks of working at an independant optical retailer office. I never expected to grow so passionate about Eyewear and Eye Care and I think part of the reason is because I was not aware of the many benefits this industry has to offer. I want to make it my goal to show all the opportunities and positive outcomes that come with being a part of the optical world. 

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right” -Henry Ford

It’s all about the mindset. You are capable of achieving greatness, just go for it. I remember thinking I will be stuck at a minimum wage job until I graduate from my four year bachelor degree program only to be in a field that I didn’t have my heart set on. Why? Because it’s what I’ve been told to do my whole life and it was “the right path to take”. I was given an amazing opportunity to work at an independent optical retailer with an amazing lady boss/mentor who helped me realize that if you do what you’re passionate about, you develop an irresistible drive to learn more about that field and your dedication, devotion and excitement becomes contagious.