Stepping outside the box… Together.

When I decided I wanted to get serious with my photos on Instagram and my blog, I did not have the freedom to simply call up a professional photographer whenever I was in the mood for photos (maybe one day if I win the lottery). Luckily, Alex (my soulmate) suggested we buy our own camera so he could learn how to take photos decent enough to pass my approval to post on my socials.

Because we were always stuck on opposite sides of one lens, there was never a possibility to have a proper photo taken together, unless you count the really awkward self timer ones which are not my favorite.

Then one day we were asked to do a photoshoot TOGETHER for an optical magazine called ‘Optik Magazine’ by the amazing editor Sheena Taff (

The process took about 3 hours for the shoot alone. My biggest fear during the shoot was that after taking all this time and effort the photos wouldn’t turn out the way I wanted. I was scared that I kept making dumb faces and awkward poses.

I could not have been more wrong. After receiving the photos I was amazed at how talented our photographer was. She caught the perfect shots during our silly moments and found the best angles during out still shots.

These photos will definitely be treasured and remembered as something fun and special that we got to experience for the first time together ❤